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Spade Labs White Paper: Arkaine

GitBook tip: your product docs aren't just a reference of all your features! use them to encourage folks to perform certain actions and discover the value in your product.

Table of Contents

TLDR and Introduction
Introducing Spade Labs
Objectives of the White Paper
NFT Overview
Defining NFTs
NFT Use Cases and Market Trends
Introducing Spade Labs's - Arkaine
Creating Value Through NFTs
NFT Creation and Minting Process
Spade Labs Marketplace: Unlocking NFT Potential
Secondary NFT Market and Value Appreciation
Engagement and Community Building
Fostering a Vibrant Community
Social Media and Outreach Strategies
NFT Creators' Community: A Platform for Collaboration
NFT Governance and Future Enhancements
Decentralized Governance for NFT Upgrades
Roadmap: Unveiling the Future of Spade Labs
Integration of NFT Rewards in Governance
Foundation and Preparation
Project Funding and Development
Market Strategy and Deployment
Arkaine Launch and Live Minting
Arkaine Reveal
Free Minting Event
Rarible and Opensea Launch
Arkaine Airdrop
Arkaine Marketing
5k Followers on X
5k Members Discord
Arkaine Phase 2
NFT Market Place - Mystery Box
Arkaine Origins Teaser
Opensea Verified
100 ETH Volume
NFT Creation and Launchpad Duration
Arkaine Staking - High APY 120%-220%
Arkaine Trading Card Teaser
Airdrop for Early Users
Token Rewards for Community Members
Arkaine Gathering
Arkaine Merch for Members
Token Utility and Rewards
$SPDE Overview
Token Use Cases Within the Spade Labs Ecosystem
Token Rewards: The Driving Force Behind Engagement
Tokenomics and Distribution
Total Supply and Allocation
Token Distribution Strategy
Staking, Farming, and Yield Opportunities
Security and User Protection
Ensuring NFT Security and Authenticity
User Data Privacy and Transparency
Bug Bounty Programs and Incident Response
Embracing Creativity, Rewards, and Community
Spade Labs: Pioneering the NFT Landscape
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